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Welcome to the Artistic Beauty Blog

So here it is folks! My brand new blog & website!

I am super excited to share my journey and passion in the beauty industry with you.

My name is Jessica Sooroojpal and I am the founder and Academy Director of Artistic Beauty.

My story started about ten years ago, when I first realized that there was just no other industry quite like this one. Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Every woman wants to look her best. And hey, with the many roles of the modern woman: wives, mothers, business owners, daughters, friends... I think everyone should look and feel her best!

My passion for hair & makeup is also my small gift to help make others feel special, to bring out the best in them, and to make someone just glow when they walk into a room.

I hope that you will continue to follow my story as I go out and pursue my dreams of helping woman be thier own kind of beautiful, and help in training the next generation of hairstylists and makeup artists!


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