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What Type of Bride Are You?

So the big day has finally arrived!

That wonderful man that you've been calling boyfriend for years finally proposed!!

AHHH! A big congrats to you!

Now begins the adventure of "Fiance-ism." A period of planning and excitement that goes by way too quickly.

Now I know you've thought about a few things already. The dress, the venue...maybe even the guest list.

But have you thought about your bridal look? Every woman dreams of looking and feeling like a princess and your hair and makeup has a lot to do with that final look! A good place to start is knowing what type of bride you are.

After all- you want to be authentically glamourous at your wedding!

The Natural Bride

Some of us are not too big into makeup- and take it from a makeup artist, if you don't normally wear makeup on a daily basis, you don't want to go nuts on your wedding day. The best tip for a woman who doesn't glam regularly is to stick to neutral tones. Browns, taupes and cremes are great colours that enhance natural features without looking overbearing. Soft lips- sometimes even just a lipgloss to bring out your lips and a soft eyeliner to bring out the shape of your eyes is all the natural bride needs to feel like the queen of the day!

The Classic Bride

Are you a fan of classic, timeless looks? Maybe you love old Hollywood, vintage films and pin up models. This would land you in the Classic Bride category. Classic looks are usually consistent in that they focus on one thing and leave everything else fairly neutral. Maybe a red lip, or a bold eyeliner with strong brows. Maybe a peachy glow, or a bold highlight. The trick is to pick the strongest feature on the face and make it shout!

The Contoured Bride

Say what you will about them, if there is one group of gals who epitomize the highlight and contour look, its the Kardashians. If you love the look of a sculpted face, and love to enhance your natural cheekbones and jawline, then you are the contoured bride. This look is for a bride who loves glam, loves to looks bronze and isn't afraid of a lot of makeup!

The Princess Bride

Imagine a soft, dewy bride with a beautiful glow. This is the princess bride. The princess bride is a fan of pinks and lavenders and reds. She loves highlights, and glosses and anything that looks dreamy. If you thought Barbie was pretty- wait till they see you in this look

There are hundred of other combinations that can be done. Perhaps you are a Classic/Contoured Bride. Or maybe you are a Natural/Princess Bride.

Or, you could be completely unique from any of the ideas above. When it comes to the art of hair and makeup the possibilities are truly endless! Take a peak at some magazines and pinterest for inspiration that you can try at your hair and makeup consultations. And always remember- what looks good on someone, may not look the same on you and vice versa. So its always good to have a few looks in mind in case one doesn't work out the way you thought.

The point is, when you know what you like, and you partner that with who you truly are, you are guaranteed to love you bridal look!

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