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Why need a Bridal Trial? We give you 3 reasons!

We all know that the day of your wedding will be one of the most memorable and cherished days of you life. What we neglect to mention are the months leading up to the big day that are filled with cakes tastings, venue hunting, trips to the florist, engagement shoots, and the list goes on. And yes those pieces of the puzzle are important, but many brides skip over the equally important task of booking a wedding makeup trial. Yes ladies, booking a wedding makeup trial falls in the ‘Top 5 Important Things To Do’ list. And in the madness of planning everything else, this is the one thing brides typically tend to overlook.

So what is the importance of wedding trials exactly?

  1. It allows you and the artist to not only be formally acquainted, but also allows you to evaluate their professionalism, gauge their work, and also tests just how well you two vibe. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t want an unprofessional artist who does not only doesn’t get along with you and your party, but also does a shotty job.

  2. Instead of stressing about your exact look on your big day, booking a wedding trial gives you the freedom to tweak and perfect your final look BEFOREHAND. This means, finding the right foundation and the right foundation shade, how the makeup will last throughout the day (after the trial), find which hairstylist best suits your face shape, and trying out which accessories for your hairstyle.

  3. It’s one less thing to worry about! Because you’ve went through with your trial, now everything is spelled out for the big day. This will give you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on other things.

So when should I book my trials?

Make-up and Hair trials are typically done approx. 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding date once everything is into its final stages and you have all your beauty “details” in place. Though they can be done sooner, it is typically recommended against by most professional beauty providers, as if done to early, it can compromise many different areas of the services.

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