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Your new Career...Wakeup to Makeup!

If there's one conversation I hear too often it's the one about people hating their job... and quite honestly, it breaks my heart. I can't imagine waking up every morning, washing my face, putting on my clothes and eating breakfast to go to a place that I hated.

There's a lot of careers out there to choose from and sometimes, the decision can become a little overwhelming.

So here's my story on how I found happiness in my career and how you may find happiness in this industry.

I started doing hair and makeup just about 10 years ago. I was always fascinated by all the pretty faces in the magazines, and I loved dolling myself up for a party or a date. I mean, who doesn't like to feel pretty every now and then? If there's one thing that just came naturally to me, it was my appreciation for beauty.

It's an industry that can survive anything because if there's one thing that's for sure, every woman loves to feel beautiful- whatever that means to her. What started as a simple interest, developed into a passion as I pursued an education in Hair & Makeup. The more I would learn- the more I would fall in love. Learning about different styles and looks, and the history of beauty- it was just too much fun. I thought- I could actually get paid to do this?

As years passed and I perfected my craft, I developed my own style, and this gave me personal confidence.

There's probably 100 reasons why I love what I do, but here are my top three.

1. The Creativity

My career constantly requires me to challenge myself, and to come up with innovative ways to do things differently. Every face and every head of a hair is completely different from the last. I am always required to research the newest looks and the uniquely transfer those ideas into real art.

As a hair and makeup artist you are the Da Vinci of faces and the master of bringing out the beauty in everyone you meet!

2.The Challenge

Now-I must admit , waking up to a career in the world of beauty is no walk in the park.

Your clients are different everyday. They all have different personalities, different ideas of beauty, and different desires.

The great news however, is that you are constantly challenged, and when challenged, you will rarely ever feel bored. I believe that boredom is a key reason why some people get frustrated in their careers. Being bored can make your job and position seem insignificant- but in the world of beauty, your skill, expertise and vision are constantly under criticism always pushing you to do your very best.

3. The Reward

Every good career should have a deeper reward than just money. As essential money is, it is not the only thing we work for. Many of us desire a deeper satisfaction, and the feeling that our work is impactful even if it's only in a small way. My career involves working with different people everyday with one goal- to make them feel beautiful. The greatest feeling for any hair or makeup artist is watching a bride walk away, and hearing all her friends and family tell her she has never looked more beautiful.

To know that I get to be a part of that special day for someone is the reason why I wakeup everyday with a BIG smile on my face

If your career doesn't make you smile- perhaps its time you consider a switch!

There's always room for more artists in the beauty world....maybe there's a beauty guru in you!

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